250px-Zero Image
Gender Male
Age Unknown (~ 20)
Race Demon
Home Continent Unknown
Hometown Unknown
Affiliations Grand Chase
Job classes Wanderer, Seeker
Original Job Wanderer
Weapons Grandark




Main InfoEdit

Name: Zero Zephyrum

Age: Unknown (looks 20 years old)

Favorite Activities: Getting praised, Grandark

Pet Peeve: Fights, Eclipse

Other magic tribes in the magic world who feared the Ancient magic tribes (who were so powerful) formed an alliance to take them down and started a fight with them eventually. Their cut throat fight saw no ending and went on for a long while. When Duel Von Zech Avenger, the owner of the magic sword Eclipse, enters the battle the fight takes embedded within himself unleashed as the fights go on and starts destroying everything pears, and the barely survived Grand Magician, Oz Pone Max Reinhardt, spends the rest of his life to create a new magic sword Grandark that will surpass Duel's Eclipse. But Oz could not tame the huge ego of Grandark and starts seeking a new physical body who will be able to use the sword. After a long time, long enough for everyone to forget everything, an unknown swordsman called Wanderer appears in Ernas. He carries a weird looking sword that nobody recognizes and destroys everything on his way, looking for traces of a very strong force. He comes across the Grand Chase in Xenia.


  • When Zero is unlocked, he reveals his name as "Zero Zephyrum".
  • Zero's play-style is similar to Dio's and Ley's; the use of Action Points, five different abilities, and the Skill Tree.
  • It appears that Zero was either created artificially, or stored in a sort of stasis by another demon. Whether this is a teaser or part of his storyline remains to be discovered.
  • It is said that Zero had a master who completely had his doubts about him, even though Zero had shown loyalty to him.
  • It is also indicated that Zero is, in fact, a demon, similar to Dio and Ley. Whether they are of the same clan, or have any affiliation to each other remains to be seen.
  • Zero's blade is called "Grandark". According to resources, the sword is possessed by a soul that has enough power to bend even Ancients to its will. It is stated that Zero is the only being strong enough to control the ghost within the blade. Duel may also have been attempting to locate this sword.
    • A translated Comic shows that Zero's Master told Zero to take Grandark and flee, possibly in hopes to not let the blade fall in the wrong hands.


Zero can be unlocked by purchasing a Mission scroll from the shop and completing its objective.

Cost Mission Item Mission Objectives
60000 GP Zero Mission (GP)
3000 Cash Zero Mission (Cash)
  • Collect 1 Gem.


  • "Will I find what I seek today?"
  • "Am I supposed to keep on fighting now?"
  • "Sorry, Gran."
  • "I'm... I'm so sorry..."
  • "Hrrgh... You bore me... There seems to be no other solution..."
  • "Gran, am I supposed to keep at it?"
  • "Fighting is the only way to prove myself!"


  • The Brazilian server was the first server to receive Zero and right after it was secondly released in the the Korean server, mimicking Dio's release into the North American server.
  • Elesis claims that Zero's attacks, specifically Gran X, was based off from the Sieghart Family. Although it was never clarified what attack it was, Gran X was most likely based off of Critical X.
  • According to the dialogue in Thunder Hammer, Zero claims that he met Elscud on his travels.
  • According to the dialogue in Kamiki's Castle, Zero is vagabond knight who constantly wanders the world with the Grandark being dragged behind him, leaving off an odd trail.
  • Zero's physical appearance resembles an elf (pointy ears) and believed to be one rather than a demon (he lacks demonic skin and horns). However, contrary to popular belief, Zero is confirmed to be a demon.[1]
    • Even without the confirmation, evidence suggests that Oz, who is also a demon and is Zero's creator, gave him a different physical appearance but infused the body with demonic energy. Also, since Oz was in a rush to get Grandark controlled, Oz probably thought that the body details weren't important. In addition, Void in Thunder Hammer mentions that Zero is "one of them."
  • If Zero is equipped with a Lower Head Accessory, it will be invisible, most likely due to the mask interfering.
  • Zero may be a reference to Cloud Strife, the hero of the Final Fantasy 7 (VII) series.
    • His neutral stance, where he places the Grandark on his back, is the way Cloud places his Buster Sword on his back, as well as his signature pose. This position has been shared with Elesis's 3rd job, Sword Master, and Sieghart's 4th job, Prime Knight.
    • Upon switching into Sword Stance, he whips the Grandark quickly similarly to Cloud's fast-paced movement with his large swords.
    • Sword Stance's ability is to smash the opponent slowly and powerfully, similarly to Cloud in Dissidia Final Fantasy - his ability is to slash at the opponent with slow but powerful slashes that send them flying away.
    • Zero casts Fire Force similarly to Cloud Strife and Zack Fair where they cast Fire, Fira, and Firaga.
    • Zero's quotes could reference Cloud in several ways. When beginning a battle, Zero's encounter quote is, "Will I find what I seek today?" which references to Cloud's will to look for what he needs in Advent Children. Zero's taunt is, "Am I supposed to keep on fighting now?" which resembles Cloud's hesitation to fight in Dissidia Final Fantasy. Zero's victory quote is "I... I'm so sorry..." though it is ironic to say this when winning. In Dissidia Final Fantasy and Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy, many of Cloud's victory quotes are joyless compared to the other heroes.
    • The Wanderer image, which shows him running while holding the Grandark with both of his hands, is a common pose made by Cloud and Squall when running.
  • Like Dio, when Zero appears armorless, he seems to have a type of shoes on yet they leave the toes exposed. In addition, the numbers "00" are engraved on his chest.
  • In Sword Stance, Grandark's "Eye" can be seen looking around and blinking.
  • Zero is the only demon character that doesn't have any butlers.