Trial Tower

Level: 2-4

Trial Tower is similar to Trial Forest, as it is very straight-forward, and is also the training grounds for the warriors of Grand Chase. It is the second dungeon in the game and also of Bermesiah.

The second Trial presented to have Elesis, Lire, and Arme recruited into the Guild. Knight Master asked the three to defeat a creature named Wendy. During the climb, the trio give out their formal introductions; Elesis joins the chase for "personal" reasons, Arme is a magician from the Violet Mage Guild, and Lire is an elf who descends from Eryuell Island (Lire's introduction appears very suspicious due to being an Elf). At the top, Elesis and Arme begin to quarrel with each other in an immature way, while Lire tries to calm the two forces. The two agree to let it slide as Lire reminds them they're being tested.

Normal (Level: 2-4)Edit

BG 2

Background of Trial Tower


Violent Wendy

Wendy is the boss of Trial Tower and the test for Elesis, Lire, and Arme to get into Grand Chase.


Wendy's attacks are an icy breath that can freeze players, a spinning ram, and pounding the ground making earthquake, in which players must jump or suffer damage.