Skill Trees are "upgrades" for jobs and characters that allow for new and different skills to be used to "revamp" the character/job. The Skill Tree was intended to give a character more strategical use.

Currently in the North American server, only ElesisKnightLire's ArcherArme's MagicianSieghart's Gladiator,LassThiefRyan's DruidRonan's Spell KnightJin's FighterAmy's Dancer,Mari's Rune CasterDio'sStygian/Drakar/Leviathan/Dusk BringerZero's Wanderer/Seeker/VanisherLey's Summoner/HarbingerRufus'Bounty Hunter/Soul Stalker/Executioner/ProminenceRin's PhoenixAsin's Disciple and Lime's Holy Knight classes have a Skill Tree.

All Action-Point based characters are heavily reliant on this system and must utilize the Skill Tree for their skills and techniques. The new Action-Mana Point characters, Asin and Lime are also completely reliant on the Skill Tree, as they were designed to have only one job class, and thus obtains all upgrades from the tree.

Currently, Mari's Skill Tree is the only skill tree that contains only Passive Common Skills.


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Skill PointsEditEdit

[1]SP Reset CardAdded byDaniel5455Skill Points are used in Skill Trees to obtain different functions on the character. Two points are given per level-up on the character. However, unless an SP Reset Card is obtained, points added to the Skill Tree cannot be taken out.

There are five counters on the top-right corner of the Skill Tree tab:

  • SP Left: How many Skill Points the character possesses
  • SP Used: How many Skill Points are used on the Job
  • Max SP: How many Skill Points can be used on the Job
  • Total SP: How many Skill Points can be used on all 4 jobs
  • SP Reset Card(s): How many SP Reset Cards the user owns

SP Reset cards cost 300 Cash each, and allows one skill to be deleted from the chosen Skill Tree. The SP All Reset card is more expensive, at a price of 6000 Cash, but resets the Skill Tree for the chosen character.

Skill KeyEditEdit

[2]Skill KeyAdded byLucasx3A Skill Key is a Cash-only item costing 3000 Cash that is needed to unlock a Locked Set of Skills. The Cash Skills unlock different possibilities for the MP bar attacks. There are 2 to 5 skills per locked area, and one lock for each level and mode of abilities. Each locked area represents a bar of MP that will be changed. If a character has two modes of attacks, there is a separate set for each half. A skill key can only be used to unlock one area.

There is no confirmation notice for using skill keys when clicking on cash skill tree branch locks, and upon doing so, they will unlock themselves. Used skill keys cannot be retrieved by any means.

However, it should be noted that some of the Cash moves are surprisingly weaker, and/or less effective than the GP ones (although it was claimed by the Game Masters that "Cash" was more "beneficial"). For example, the Thief's Dark Memories skill is actually weaker than Raven Walker, despite that Kaze'aze is supposedly superior to most other beings.

Extreme Skill KeyEditEdit

[3]Extreme Skill KeyAdded byDarkforge317The Extreme Skill Key is a Cash-only item that costs 6000 Cash, and provides an alternative method to unlocking the 4th MP/AP bars and skills.

Skill Tree ListsEditEdit



















  • Only the Archer's tree has 5 different moves on a Cash component.
  • Only the Fighter's tree has 2 different moves on a Cash component.
  • Currently, the Fighter has the least amount of Cash Skill Tree moves.
  • There is a fifth icon seen next to the other four jobs that is speculated to be a placeholder for the 5th job.
  • Stygian was the first class to have been released simultaneously with the Skill Tree, followed by Drakar,WandererSummonerSeekerHarbingerBounty HunterSoul StalkerExecutionerArbiter, and Disciple.
  • Drakar is the first 2nd job to have a Skill Tree followed by Seeker, Harbringer, and Soul Stalker.
  • Executioner and Arbiter are the first 3rd and 4th jobs, respectively, to have a Skill Tree.
  • All trees have a maximum of 35 SP Levels within the exception being Stygian's, Drakar's, Leviathan's, Twilight's, Wanderer's, Seeker's, Summoner's, and Harbinger's, which have 30 and Bounty Hunter's, Soul Stalker's, Executioner's, and Arbiter's which have 40.
  • The Skill Tree system was based from Elsword.
    • However, Elsword gains two Skill Points for every one character level while Grand Chase previously gained one Skill Point for every Skill Tree level. Now it is gained the same way as in Elsword.