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Serdin Crest

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Serdin is one of two kingdoms that rule on Bermesiah, the other being Kanavan. Serdin is ruled by a Queen, with no mention of a King, suggesting that Serdin is ruled by a monarchy. Similarly, Kanavan is ruled by a single Queen as well, with no mention of a King.

Serdin is known as the Kingdom of Magic, hosting the Violet Mage Guild who specializes in such abilities.

Dungeons are the Trial ForestTrial TowerOuter Wall of SerdinKerrie BeachOrc TempleGorgos' DungeonElven Forest and Gorge of Oath which is the border of Serdin and Kanavan.


Until the Queen of Darkness, Kaze'aze, began to overcome the land, Serdin and Kanavan coexisted together peacefully. However, Kanavan one day decided to declare war upon Serdin. The war lasted for five years, until the Queen of Serdin sacrificed herself in hopes of ending the war. The death of the Queen of Serdin did end the war, and a new Queen was appointed. After the war was over, a series of bizarre events occurred, relating to Kaze'aze and revealed that the Queen of Darkness was the one who began the Five-Year War. Determined to prevent Kaze'aze from starting another war between the kingdoms, the new Queen of Serdin organized Grand Chase, an elite group of warriors that would fight for all of Bermesiah.


Queen of Serdin

Enna, the Queen of Serdin

The first member of Grand Chase that came from Serdin is Arme, who is part of the kingdom's Violet Mage Guild. Arme joined Grand Chase initially to encounter Kaze'aze, as the Queen of Darkness's magic had intrigued the mage.

The second member of the Grand Chase from Serdin is Edel.

Elena is a high ranked member of the Violet Mage Guild. Thanks to Kaze'aze, Elena was enticed by darkness and became one of the dark queen's commanders and spies in exchange for power and was given her own domain.

The Grand Mage is the leader of the Violet Mage Guild, which he founded after he retired from being adviser to the Queen of Serdin. He found Arme as a baby and adopted her after sensing her potential for magic.

The Queen of Serdin is known as Enna. There is nothing known about her, other than she used to be friends with Anyu, the Queen of Kanavan, and Karina Erudon, who is now known as Kaze'aze. Queen Enna ended up sacrificing herself to free Anyu and Ronan from Kaze'aze's clutches, thus ending the five-year war between the two kingdoms. After a new queen was erected, she formed the Grand Chase.


  • Serdin is one of three known kingdoms, the other two being Kanavan and Kounat.
  • Serdin is the only kingdom that doesn't start with the letter "K".