Monster Cards are items used to upgrade equipment through sockets. There are currently 320 Monster Cards in the game. [1]The Monster Card screen under Collection.Added by MasterFer10


[hide] *1 Types of Monster Cards

Types of Monster CardsEditEdit

Cards come in four types: Common, Rare, Epic, or Relic.

Card Color Rank Star(s)


[2] Common [3]

Common cards are characterized by their blue borders and brown outlines. They are 1 star and drop from regular monsters in dungeons with a difficulty of 3 stars or higher.

[4] Rare [5]


Rare cards are characterized by their purple borders and violet outlines. They have 2 stars and drop from bosses with levels between 4 (Treant) to 27 (Paradom). These bosses from the lower level areas who become regular monsters in other dungeons are also ranked Rare. Rare cards also drop from the mini-bosses found in dungeons starting at level 24 with Tartarus and higher.

[7] Epic [8]


Epic cards are gold in color with 3 stars. They are the bosses starting with Gaikoz at Level 29 to Arawn at Level 69. They have a much lower drop rate than Rare cards and typically have the best effects compared to Common and Rare cards.


Relic [12]


Relic cards can be gotten through events such as the Card Fusion event and the Boss Gate event. Relic cards are not necessarily stronger, and have been given the status mainly for their artwork.

Obtaining a CardEditEdit

Monster Cards are only obtained from various monsters, mini-bosses, and bosses in dungeons, but will not always drop from a defeated monster.

The cards do not drop from crates nor are they found in the randomized chests a player selects after completion of a dungeon. Upon defeating a regular monster, mini-boss, or boss, their corresponding card will appear as a large, spinning blue card on the ground.

Though there may be duplicate monsters found in certain dungeons in Grand Chase, as always their levels will be different. As such, if a boss appears in one dungeon at a certain level and is a regular enemy in another dungeon, then both monsters will have two different Monster Cards of different levels. For example, Lich is a boss for Forsaken Barrows and is a Rare card, but its Monster Card level is 25. However, Lich in Hell Bridge is a normal enemy and also a Rare card, but is at a higher level than the boss version— Level 38. Both cards also have slightly different effects:

  • Level 25 Lich Monster Card - Convert 2% of damage into MP
  • Level 38 Lich Monster Card - Convert 2.8% of damage into MP

Card StatsEditEdit

Every card has it's own statistics. Statistics are based upon the type of equipment for the card.

The possible stats follow:

  • Helmet
    • Vitality: Increases vitality.
    • Experience Gains: Increases the user's EXP gain.
  • Upper/Mantle
    • HP drain: The user will heal a certain percentage by normal or pet attacks at a random chance.
    • MP drain: The user will gain MP by a certain percentage from normal or pet attacks at a random chance.
  • Lower/Shoes
    • Defense: Increases the defensive power.
    • MP Counterattack Reduction: Conserves MP by a certain percentage from Counterattacking.
  • Gloves/Weapon
    • Attack: Increases the normal attack power.
    • Special Attack: Increases the skills power.
    • Critical Hit Chance: Increases the critical hit chance.

Using a CardEditEdit

Armor equipment (not accessories) that are labeled "Rare," "Epic," or "Relic" will contain socket(s) which can be used to be upgraded with Monster Cards.

Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Removal
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To upgrade or install a card, click the "Sock" button of the unequipped item. Select "Attach" at the top then the empty socket. The Monster Card collection window will appear. If you click on "My Cards," you will be shown the cards you currently have. After choosing a Monster Card to install in a socket, click Attach and a certain amountof GP will be deducted.

The cost is the second number at the bottom where it reads "GP consumed." The first number is your total amount of GP.

To remove a card, select "Remove" at the top then select the card in its socket. After, just click on the "Remove" button. The "Remove" button will highlight yellow if you have the correct amount of Socket Gem(s).

The amount of Socket Gem(s)needed to remove a card is, again, the second number at the bottom where it reads "Socket Gem(Cash)." The first number is the total number you currently have.


  • Every card has a specific amount of GP to attach them into a socket. These vary on the level of the equipment.
    • The lower the level the equipment is, the lower the cost.
      Example: On a level 9 Helm, Stone Goblin card costs 850 GP.
    • The higher the level the equipment is, the higher the cost.
      Example: On a level 40 Helm, Stone Goblin card costs 63,600 GP.
  • Every card has a specific amount of Socket Gem(s) to remove them, and you will always need more than one. The amount varies depending on the level of the equipment.
    • Example: The cost to remove a Monster Card on a level 9 Helm is 5 Socket Gems. On a level 25 Helm, the cost increases to 11 Socket Gems.
  • You do not lose the Monster Card upon removal. The card will return to your Collection.


A single card may only be used once and in order to use the same card in another socket, another card of that monster must be obtained.

Various equipment can only contain a certain amount of Monster Cards:

  • Rare equipment have one socket.
  • Epic equipment have two sockets.
  • Relic equipment have three sockets.

For example, equipment with two sockets means only two cards may be used on that piece of equipment.

There are also levels on the Monster Cards indicating what is the minimum level the equipment has to be in order for a player to attach a card to. For example, if the card a player obtained is level 45 and the player has a Rare armor equipment at level 40, the player cannot attach the card because the equipment is lower than the level indicated.

Also, Monster Cards may only be used on certain types of equipment divided into the following:

  • Helm
  • Upper armor/Mantle (Back)
  • Lower armor/Feet
  • Weapon/Hands

Only cards that can be attached to a specific piece of equipment (i.e.- Helm) will not attach on another piece of equipment (i.e.- Upper armor/Mantle).

Each card contains an icon that indicate which type of armor you can attach it to. You can view the cards in the Monster Card Collection window and sort them by equipment.  [20]

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