Gender Male
Age Unknown (~15)
Race Demon
Home Continent Unknown
Hometown Unknown
Affiliations Kounat, Grand Chase
Job classes Stygian, Drakar
Original Job Stygian
Weapons Soul Reaver, Flash Blade*, Infernal Spear*, Rake Hand*, Death Star*

*Note that these are sub-weapons.

1st Job: Stygian - Skill Tree

2nd Job: Drakar - Skill Tree

3rd Job: Unkown - Skill Tree (Unreleased)

4th Job: Unknown - Skill Tree (Unreleased)


Main InfoEdit

Name: Dio

Age: Unknown (looks 15)

Likes: Alfred, Pure Destruction.

Dislikes: Sebastian, Pointless Destruction.

In the final days of Kounat's existence, numerous portals appeared around the kingdom, gateways leading to another dimension where belligerent demons lived. A faction of the demons desired to destroy Kounat and waged war against the suffering kingdom. However, an opposing faction of demons denounced the wanton violence and waged war against those demons that would destroy Kounat. Dio was a member of this faction.

When the war ended, the demons returned to their dimension and the portals were sealed. One day, Dio realized there was a weakening of the magic sealing off one of the portals and decided to go and investigate. This decision set him on the road to one day meeting the knights of the Grand Chase.


  • According to Ley's profile, Dio is the chief of his demonic clan, the Burning Canyon Family.
  • Dio's left hand is called a Rake Hand. He and/or his race may be well equipped with these Rake Hands and may possibly represent the said race.
  • Dio and/or his race include the following abilities:
    • Teleportation
    • Telepathy (seen in Hell Bridge)
    • Flight
    • Creating Dark Holes
    • Creating large, monsterous hands
    • Absorbing and releasing energy
    • Levitation of objects and other people
    • Magic Satchel
  • In actuality, Dio sealed his own powers after Kounat's destruction and the end of the Demon Wars. As time progresses, his inner abilities begins to unseal themselves.
  • Dio mentioned in Relics of Kounat that he is pursuring "private interests." The Crimson River felt suspcious of the Burning Canyon's strange antiques and Ley's father ordered her to look for Dio within the human world in order to confirm and secure his alliegence.

Special AbilityEdit

Action PointsEdit


Unlike every other character, Dio, Zero, and Ley have a function called "Action Point" (sometimes called "Ability Power" and abbriviated as AP) that masks over skills and some regular attacks; basically replacing the "Mana Points". Utilizing his Skill Tree, Dio is capable of using up to five different abilities that are lethal and demonic, raging passive teleportation, summoning runic swords/spears, manifesting large hands, and even creating black holes.
Unlike other characters, Dio does not gain the newfound energy by hitting enemies, but rather, waiting out. However, since it is still technically Mana-based, it will absorb Mana fluids from potions, items, and armor properties.
The Sellion pet is the only known pet that can boost up the Action Points if impacted successfully, regarded if he has any MP Consumption abilities.
If Dio receives a Counterattack, however, all the abilities are given a maximum 10 second cooldown. This can be reduced to 9 or 8 by the "Reduced Counterattack Cooldown Time".
On the bottem center of the screen, the five skills will light up. This means that they are ready for use.
The command interface with AP uses 16px, 16px, 16px, 16px, and 16px. However, this makes Pet Attack to 16px and Taunt to 16px.

Job StackingEdit

As Dio advances more and more, he grows stronger and more lethal. However, he is unable to revert back to previous jobs, as all of them technically are as one.
While Dio absorbs more power, he can use the future job abilities and yet retain his previous ones as well.
Noticeably, the Rake Hand attachment grows much larger as he gets his strength boosts.
According to the Drakar database, it says that Dio sealed most of his powers, thus eventually restoring them in the future. This explains how and why he can "job stack".


Dio can be unlocked by purchasing a Mission scroll from the shop and completing its objective.

Note: After unlocking Dio, he will automatically be level 30, and therefore, may immediately start his second job if possible. He will also automatically have 5 SP to use.
Cost Mission Item Mission Objectives
3000 GP Worn-out Dio Mission
15000 Cash Dio Mission (Cash)
  • Collect 1 Gem.


  • "Away with you! Useless creature."
  • "You were the one annoying me all along."
  • "Here's the finish!"
  • "How dare you..."
  • "I don't have time to play with you."
  • "You want to challenge me!? Ahahaha."
  • "Alfred, please throw out the trash."
  • "Do you still want to challenge this body?"


  • "Dio" is initially a female name though the male counterpart is "Dion". However, "Dio" in Italian means "God", and may have been the intended name.
    • The Italian name may also represent Dio's intensive power.
  • It should be noted that Dio channels his demonic magic through his left hand and his weaponry items through his right. This reflects to the two different "poses" in his skill tree, in which most magic comes from the left and most weaponry comes through the right.
  • Dio's use of Action Points is based off of the combat system in Elsword, though Dio uses five commands (A S D F G) instead of the four in Elsword (A S D C), unless a special cash item is bought.
    • Dio's Rake Hand was also based on Raven's mechanical arm, as they are both grow in power to create utter destruction.
  • Dio is the only AP-class character who does not voice his own Techniques.
  • A poll was held in the Korean server to decide on Dio's name. The choices were between Dio and Gaikoz. It is unknown why "Gaikoz" was a choice, despite the name being taken already, by both a server, a pet, and a boss/monster.
  • He is one of the three Characters without a 4th job.
  • AP has been confirmed to be Action Point, seen here.
  • Dio may have been designed to have similar traits to the Sieghart family.
    • Dio has like/dislikes similar to Elesis: they both have a certain liking and disliking to bloodshed (Elesis prefers Battle and Dio prefers Destruction).
    • Dio is also like Sieghart: they both use their darkish powers for the good of mankind. They are also both treated like royalty.
    • Dio also has the same stat distribution as the two: High Defense and Low Attack power.
  • Ironically, despite that Dio has low attack power, he hits extremely high.
  • There is a possibility that Dio attacked Sieghart 600 years ago and put him in the near death state. However, Dio is a good guy, and would have assaulted him with a reason.
    • The performed assault against Sieghart is confirmed to be true prior to the creation of Project EF.
  • Dio is accompanied by two beings, Alfred and Sebastian, both common names for butlers.
  • Dio currently has the "Third Most Amount of Weapons", as his weaponry ranges from a Sword, Lance, Claw, and a Scythe. Mari follows as first as she uses a Book, Cannons, Electric Traps, the Wing Drive Weapon, a Gun, a Hammer, and a Robot. Ryan comes in second for using an Axe, a Jade Hook, a Scythe, Storm Blades, Storm Pikes, and a Sword.
  • As of the 8-17-10 patch in the North American server, a chibi-style Dio is shown on the log-in screen, replacing Sieghart. Dio was replaced by a chibi-style Zero as of 3-23-11.
  • Interestingly enough, he will automatically be level 30 when acquired. This may be due to the Action Point function which requires a set level to use a specific skill, or possibly in relationship to the Skill Tree Armors.
    • Due to this, Dio is currently the only character to not be at level 0 when unlocked.
  • Dio is the first and only character to not have a first job as his former class.
  • Dio is the only character to have sub-weapons.
  • Dio is one of the few creatures to possess wings, but he couldn't use them to fly until Drakar was released via Apply Jump. He does, however, use them as display when idle for too long or to levitate during Black Space.
  • Dio is the only character to have a modified arm/hand.
  • When Dio appears armorless, he seems to have a type of shoes on yet they leave the toes exposed.
  • The Black Space attack may have been inspired by Tabuu's Off Waves of Super Smash Bros. Brawl due to their similarities and destructive power.
  • Dio's release in the North American server appears to be the second. Usually, content is released in the Brazilian server before the North American server. Also, the releasing is extremely early, as it would usually take several months for the data to be imported from the Korean server to the North American server (in Dio's case, its approximately one full month plus a week[1][2]).
  • Project EF states that Dio will be battling against Elesis, Sieghart, and Lass who are also locked in combat with Void.