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Bounty Hunters wield Dual Handguns, Eyeteeth in-game, and have a large amount of speed. He has a ranged attack using 2/4 bullets ,depending on the passive in the skill tree, and a melee attack, including one shoot, a kick downwards followed by an upward cut. Unlike his half-brother Lass, Bounty Hunters cannot Double or Triple Jump. Bounty Hunters' Skill Trees have the first three skills cost no SP, the skills include: Pulverise, Twin Tooth and Make it Rain.
Combo Input Melee Combo (When Near an Enemy) ZZZ
Ranged Combo ZZ / ZZZZ
Melee Upward Shot (When Near an Enemy) ZZZ+Up
Melee Shadow Attack (When Near an Enemy) ZZZ+Forward
Melee Backward Shot (When Near an Enemy) ZZZ+Back
Ranged Upward Shot ZZ+Up / ZZZZ+Up
Ranged Shadow Attack ZZ+Forward / ZZZZ+Forward
Ranged Backward Attack ZZ+Back / ZZZZ+Back

Some of his skills are strong AOEs, very effective too.

Skill Description Pulverise A Shoot, Kick, followed by multiple shots.
Twin Tooth Shoots twice followed by a powerful blow.
Make it Rain Rufus Shoots upwards into a void before spark-like things come raining down.
Rake Twirls his Eyeteeth before shooting sideways.
Increased Speed Increases Dash speed.
Aerial Evasion Changes Ranged Combo to four bullets.
Empower A Charged Fire that sends enemies flying!
AP recovery Make your AP recovery speed faster.
Bullet Time Rufus spins in a fury, shooting around randomly.
Bullet Time: Increased Damage A Buff which increases the Damage of Bullet Time.
Damage A Buff which increases the Bullet Combo Damage.
Empower: Increased Damage A Buff to increase the damage of Empower
Trample Rufus Jumps into the air and shoots downwards whilst spinning.


  • At the top of the Bounty Hunter's skill tree, the selector at the top-middle can show you the other job's skills.
  • Rufus only appears in dialog at the nightmare circus, claiming that the last place the Chase were was at the Nightmare Circus.
  • Rufus is a demon and Lass is Human.
  • Sometimes Rufus is mistaken for a female because of his skill picture.