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A Dio Wearing Timed Avatar Items

The Avatar System (Also known as Coordi or Fusion System) is a function that allows players to customize their Characters with a "different" outlook. In other words, it is a set of armor/accessories that mask over the primary gear. The "fused" system does not add any stats; it is simply to act as a "shell" for equipment.In order to apply the "shell", players go to the "Avatar" tab in the Equipment section. Clicking on the "Change Avatar  Item" will bring up a tab that allows players to move their fusion items in possession to the "fusion closet", where the items are equiped as the "shell". Fused items can be unequiped at any time.Transforming armor/acessories into fusion items requires one Fusion Coupon which can be bought with cash from the Shop/Academy Tab. Once armor/acessories have been transformed, they loses all its stat properties (including cards, except for its GP value) and cannot be be reverted to normal equipment. Permanent Fusion items can be gotten from events, the Hero Shop and level 75/80 quests. Timed Fusion items can be gotten from Job

Avatar Coupon


  • Weapons cannot be fused.
  • Other properties other than GP value that are still kept when fused include timed equipment (such as those given out during job advancements and events), usage equipment (such as Kaze'aze armor) and level requirement.
  • Fused items cannot be dismantled.
  • In KGC, Gacha sets are fusion equipment and have properties.