[[Image:|thumb|300px|right|The Map of Archimedia.]]

Archimedia is one of two continents released for Season 3, the other being Atum. It is the seventh continent, occuring after the events of Alcubra.

Archimedia is the continent upon which Kounat, Mari's kingdom, once existed. Thanks to Ashtaroth, Kounat was destroyed as a result of a huge explosion, and the crater that sits in the heart of the land might be where the kingdom once stood. The capital of the dwarves of Archimedia, Thunder Hammer, and the capital of the elves of Archimedia, Zeruel, also exist here. Both of their kings were vaporized in the explosion that engulfed Kounat, and, blaming each other for the cause, have been at war with each other ever since.

According to legend, Archimedia is nicknamed the "endless land of warfare", referring to the constant fighting between the dwarves and elves.


Players must complete Seth's Pyramid in order to unlock this continent.