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1st Job: Magician - Skill Tree

2nd Job: Alchemist - Skill Tree (Unreleased)

3rd Job: Warlock - Skill Tree (Unreleased)

4th Job: Battle Mage - Skill Tree (Unreleased)

Combat Alchemists (or just Alchemist) may not be as agile as Mages, but they possess large amounts of offensive power than them. They carry a pot that contains bombs, land mines, and toxic gas. Combat Alchemists are especially useful because they can support their allies by healing and shielding, in addition to using devastating attacks to defeat enemies. They can be a great threat to their enemies depending on how they are used; their biggest drawback in battle is their slow movement. Combat Alchemist's can set invisible black magic land mines, spread toxic gas, and fire powerful bombs to attack enemies as well as heal and shield friendly targets at close range with their white magic.


It is necessary to be level twenty (20) to be able to participate in Second (2nd) Job Promotion.


(Cost 200 GP)

Part 1Edit

  • Run the Marsh of Oblivion once. Even if you don't successfully pass the dungeon, you'll still complete the mission.
    • Entering the dungeon and leaving immediately does not count as "running". It only counts if the dungeon is completed or failed.

Part 2Edit

Part 3Edit

Part 4Edit

  • Slay 100 monsters within the range of ± 2 above or below level monsters.


(Cost 2700 Cash)


  • "...Don't come crying to me later!" (Beginning)
  • "The holy light will lead us." (Idle Stance)
  • "Yahoo! Hahahaha! I won!" (End)

Basic MovementsEdit

Keystrokes Effect
16px16px16px 4x Hit + Knockdown
16px+16px Jump + Bomb Throw (1x Hit)
16px16px Teleport
16px16px+16px Teleport + 2x Hit + Knockdown
16px16px+16px+16px Teleport + Turn + Blitz (Bomb Throw + 1x Hit)
16px+16px Grab + Throw target (high damage)



Black MagicEdit

Level/Type Name Effect
LVL 1 Basic Bomb Drop

(Booby Trap)

Drops a small land mine that is invisible to all opponents. When stepped on, it explodes dealing small damage, though catches foes off guard. For 15 seconds, if no one steps on it, the mine will explode on it's own. (1x Hit + Knockup)
LVL 1 Purchased Big Hand

(Giant Punch)

A big fist shoots out of the pot with a powerful uppercut, lethally knocking enemies on to the far side of the arena. Designed to launch enemies and prevent them from getting too close to its user. (1x Hit + Mass Knockback)
LVL 2 Basic Killer Cloud

(Cloud Kill)

Drops a poisonous, green cloud that deals large AoE effect with haste included. Enemies that go closer into the depths of the cloud will suffer more sufficient damage. It stays for about 10 seconds.

(Note: The Absolute Power Ring DOES NOT protect one from the haste effects of the Killer Cloud.)

LVL 3 Basic Blockbuster Explosion

(Big Bomb)

Not to be confused with the Magician's Big Bomb.

Launches a single bomb that creates a powerful explosion. Can be aimed up or down.(5x Hit + Knockup)

White MagicEdit

Level/Type Name Effect
LVL 1 Basic Cure (Alchemist) Heals allies' HP at a large rate. Unlike the Magician's, the rate of healing is based on the user's Vitality. In addition, it can also heal the Alchemist herself.
LVL 2 Basic Magic Shield (Alchemist)


Summons numerous shields around the entire team nearby, protecting everyone for only one hit.
LVL 3 Basic Bomb Drop (Advanced) Scatters 5 Bomb Drops in a fan-like method. Like the regular Bomb Drop, all of them are invisible and explodes dealing light damage. However, they go off after 7 seconds. (5x Hit + Knockup)


  • The Elsword character Aisha has an attack called "Dark Cloud", which functions similarly to Arme's Killer Cloud. However, the Dark